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Hello, and a warm welcome

I have a considerable interest in human behavior and psychology, and also in business and economics. I am always learning something to expand my knowledge and mindset. I am a big advocate of Emotional Intelligence, Work-Life-Relationship Balance, Personal Leadership, and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

I have worked in many industries, and my purpose is to help people find their True Self and live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

My goal is not to make you "perfect." Instead, my goal is to help you accept your imperfections and teach you methods to be more realistic with yourself and grow towards your highest potential.

I am an author and an educational course-creator besides my life and business coaching practice.

My name is Rita Simon, and I am a Global Citizen, a Truth Seeker, and a Mistake Maker.

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My Story

I was born in Hungary during the Russian oppression raised by authoritarian strict parents which totally disconnected me from my own desires, needs, boundaries, deep emotions, and ultimately my True Self.

This led me to follow the rules, society, and anything apart from myself. I became easy prey for people who were selling useless and/or manipulative junk, and also vulnerable to abusive partners. I have been married to an abusive person who after my divorce was diagnosed as a psychopath. Why did I stay for a person like that? When you get used to that your own parents abuse you it becomes your norm, unfortunately, and you believe you deserve it.

Rita Simon Growth Mindset Coach Sydney

After my divorce, I had to start my life from zero. I felt betrayed by society and the rules I have been following while completely repressing myself. I had very deep and dark anger building up in me, an inner voice I have stopped listening to as a child because I wasn't allowed to listen to it. As an adult I have decided to give myself what society and my own parents refused to do: to find out who I truly was.

My journey took me all over the world, traveling to many countries, and eventually, I ended up living in Australia nearly a decade ago.

I have decided to learn anything and everything about psychology, myself (blind spots), and the world so I could not be abused and controlled again. I decided to take my faith into my own hands, and finally allow myself to become the person who I truly was, to connect with that long-lost child I had to lock deep down in the deepest part of me to make everyone happy around me while I felt constantly miserable and disappointed., even when I had everything I felt I had nothing. 

I have been through many ups and downs., and had to start everything all over again from scratch. Many times I wished I was dead, but every time I was beaten down it gave a chance for me to develop my Inner Warrior until I have embodied that Warrior. 

I have been a patient of various therapists (psychology), life coaches, mentors, hypnotherapists, and past life regression therapists. Currently, I am a huge fan of qEEG brain scans and neurofeedback. These experiences gave me a first-hand experience of being a client and the effectiveness of various techniques. It helps me understand the struggles of my clients, and guide them in the right direction that suits them the most.

My goal is to help people who feel trapped and lost just like I was.; to help You to get out of the prison society and your parents forced you to live in, to help You to feel free and whole.

I am not going to lie, it's a very difficult and ongoing journey where you will see parts of yourself you have never seen before. These parts might disgust you and traumatize you. It's unfortunately a part of the process, depending on how deep You are willing to go.

For the ones who want to go on their own Hero's Journey I have two things to say:

"Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself".

"You will find the brightest light in the deepest darkness."


Bachelor's Degree - Accounting and Business Management (Sydney, Australia)
MBA - Specialised in Entrepreneurship  (Sydney, Australia)
Leadership - Harvard - ongoing online Certificate

Diploma - Life Coaching Practitioner - The academy of Modern Applied Psychology

Diploma - Neuroplasticity - The KEW Training Academy
NLP Practitioner - NLP Training Australia 
NLP Master Practitioner - ongoing 

Transformational Life Coach Practitioner - Transformation Academy
Life Purpose Coach Practitioner - The Priority Academy
EFT & TFT Tapping Practitioner - ongoing
Past Life Regression - by Brian Weiss


People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership - International High Achiever Award



I am a knowledge junkie. I keep watching and learning courses, YouTube educational videos, reading books in various fields, watching webinars.
I have attended over 500 conferences, workshops, seminars, and anything educational. My goal is to help You with what I have learned.

Gary Vee and Rita Simon at Success Resources
Richard Branson and Rita Simon at Success Resources
Tom Byleau and Rita Simon at Success Resources Sydney

My coaching style

The core of life coaching is to help the client come up with their own answers, and the coach is a facilitator of this process so the client can feel heard. This indirect approach helps the client feel empowered because they come up with their own answers.
I personally disagree with this approach in a sense, as sometimes some people need a more direct approach in the beginning and slowly help them come up with their own solutions. Some people have specific issues, and they want direct answers that can help them work independently.
Everyone is unique, and there is no 1 style fits all approach, in my opinion.
My background is business which is a straightforward, fast-paced environment, and where the clients expected me to come up with the solution.
Before that, I worked as a driving instructor, which meant I had to be very direct in the beginning and slowly help the student become confident to drive without much interaction.

During my coaching, I ask my clients which communication style feels the most comfortable and helpful for THEM, and of course, this communication style can be changed at any time. We are not the same person every day, so sometimes, whatever feels good can feel awful another day. 
I encourage open communication where You tell me what suits You the most, as unfortunately, reading minds is not a part of my skills. If you feel that we are going in a direction you are not interested in, just let me know. I like equal communication where you are not afraid to express Your opinion. 

I am always trying to do my very best, but unfortunately, I am a human being, and sometimes, my very best efforts will not help you because we are just not a good fit. 
It's like food: not everyone will like your favorite food because we all have different preferences.  

Some people are introverts and have difficulties answering questions straight away. They need a bit of time to sit with the questions on their own because that's when they are the calmest, so the answers come easier. So if you are an introvert, don't worry. We will have a coaching style that really suits You.

The clearer You are about Your goals and Your roadblocks, the faster the process will be.

I encourage You to be filter-free during our sessions. Don't try to say things I want to hear. 
Dare to disagree with me as I can misunderstand You, and I can be wrong. My coaching is about teaching people to express themselves and accept other people's perceptions without judgment., so they can become more open-minded and open-hearted.
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