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  • Why do you have so many service options? I am confused.
    In the past I only gave a list of possibilities, but most of the time my guests did not say what they wanted. This way I can tailor my room, the way I dress and your experience a lot easier, so you will be more satisfied.It also helps to avoid uncomfortable situations I had, when people were too shy to say more uncommon requests such as prostate massage. This way you only need to text what you want and I will be able to prepare exactly for your wishes straight away. If you are still confused, you can pick the Classic Girlfriend Experience. All the options are based on this, and I just added a bit more to them and made them a bit different according to the "theme".
  • Why do I have to pay a deposit? I don't want to. I am a trustworthy guy.
    Paying a deposit is very common in every industry. Many times I have to pay upfront the full amount plus a security decposit (in hotels or AirBnbs). While at home (in Sydney) I also have a busy schedule, I am not sitting at home all day. Sometimes, I take a few days off and go on tours and available straight away. I only request a small amount that covers my time and expenses I spend to get ready for you. Unfortunately, many people do not show up at all. Many times I have multiple people who want to book the exact same time. Trust is something that need to be earned, sweetie.
  • Where do you live?
    I live in the Chatswood-Artarmon-Lane Cove area in a brand new private apartment. I also tour around Australia time to time.
  • What's the guarantee that I will enjoy my time with you?
    Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for that. You need to be realistic. I do everything I can to give you all my attention, but it is your responsibility as well to gather enough information to see if we are a great match or not. I also offer a short chat over the phone to get to know each other more. If you are unsure, please don't come. It's as simple as that. I don't talk people into seeing me, that's not my style. For some people I am the worst experience they ever had and for many the best ever. I do my very best, that's all I can offer. If you don't like something, communicate it with me as I don't read minds.
  • What does Manmaker mean?
    The word generally means an older female who takes a younger guy's virginity. In my case it means: gaining confidence. The idea came from the TV show, How I Met Your Mother, where Barney Stinson once shares the story how he lost his virginity to his mother's friend, who was called the Manmaker. After the experience he gained confidence and became a big playboy. In my case, I want to offer a safe place for experimenattion. We all have some out-of-the-usual desires, and it is not easy to find someone we can trust enough to try. Lots of people are ashamed. I have been in this industry for nearly a decade and I have seen a lot of unusual things. The things I am confortable with are listed on my HOME page. Things that you can't find are simply not offered. We have to test and try our own likes and dislikes to find our true self. That's when we feel confident.
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