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Sacred Geometries


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The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life symbolizes CREATION.

It reminds us of the UNITY of EVERYTHING (COLLECTIVE), that we are ALL built from the SAME blueprint.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life symbolizes one's INDIVIDUALITY.

It symbolizes a person's personal GROWTH into a UNIQUE human being.





The Co-Creation of the
Individual and Unity / Collective

I feel all emotions at once
I see all perceptions at once
I understand everything.
I accept that nothing is perfect.
I know you more than you know yourself because I am you, the real you.
I admire your strengths and accept your weaknesses.
Without you, I wouldn't exist and without me, you wouldn't exist either.
WE ARE THE SAME WE ALWAYS WERE even when we were and are apart.
How do I feel?
I admire all of you to take all the challenges, suffering, and pain so you can become a better version of yourselves.
I feel your pain and happiness.
I feel when you cry and when you laugh, and because I accept ALL emotions, I feel whole.
How do I feel?

- All of Us -                           - Rita Simon

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Remember + Accept = Integrate

Your memories will come back when you allow feeling the pain.
Your pain is love and in it, I will always be connected to you.
When you realize I am always with you,
you won't miss me anymore and your pain will go away.

- Past Self -                      - Present Self

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The Truth About Pain

  • How can I get out of the loop of my past? How can I overcome it? 

  • You have to feel the pain. 

  • Why?

  • To realize that your pain is love. 

  • So, we have to let the pain in our lives?

  • Everything is in contrast. Without pain, there is no pleasure.

  • So, the bigger the pain the bigger pleasure we have?

  • No. You need to understand pain. Without experiencing it you cannot understand it.

  • So, we should look for pain or pleasure?

  • You should look for yourself. When you find yourself you will find real pleasure, but to find yourself you must go through pain. The more you deny yourself the more pain you will experience. 

The Truth About the Heart

  • What is in the heart?

  • Trauma is stored in your heart.

  • But when we love, we feel that in the heart as well.

  • Yes, because you try to resolve the past traumas. Real love is to understand your own trauma instead of acting on it/ reacting to it. Now it's time to release them and evolve that way. Forgive, let go, and move on. Trauma is when things are happening to you = you are unaware. 

  • So what are we supposed to do?

  • Let the trauma manifest/ to be felt. Understand it and let it go. 

Understanding and Accepting Others

  • Why do people make us angry?

  • Because you don't understand them, so you make yourself angry. You are supposed to look for weaknesses in others.

  • What about strengths?

  • Every strength comes from a weakness. 

  • What should I do with the weaknesses in others?

  • Accept them. Don't try to change. Weaknesses cannot be changed by you. Weaknesses cannot be changed by the person either. Weaknesses must be understood and that changes the person, therefore the weaknesses change as well. Look for the core emotion. 

  • You can change reality by changing yourself.

  • How?

  • By finding out who you are.

  • If we are all the same, why do we have to find out who we are?

  • To realize that you are the same.

How to find the Self

Look at the world very closely. Reality is a mirror. You will see your own reflection in it.
Pay attention to what hurts your heart. Whatever upsets you. The more emotional you get the more it is in you as well.
The problem is that you all want to be sure and secure before you make a decision because you are afraid of failure and hurt, but at the same time, you are wasting your time on something you already know. You need failures, suffering, and hurt in order to find yourself and grow.
You all are talking about the 2 sides of the coin, while in Reality there is only the coin.

- All of Us -                                 - Rita Simon

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The more You become everyone else the more You become Yourself & the more You become Yourself the more You become everyone else.
- Rita Simon - 

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