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This page has these sections:

-  20 editable Facebook ad templates to help you sell your eBook (FREE)

- Social Media marketing 2023 guide

- 36 editable Instagram templates (FREE)

- business building eBook and workbooks (FREE)

- how to turn your eBook into an online course video tutorial (FREE)

- how to sell your eBook, and use it as a Lead Magnet to get more clients' video tutorials (FREE)

-  PROMOTION: my other editable eBooks showcase from Etsy

-  BONUS; eBooks and online courses for personal use only!

About this page

This page is here for you to help you in your coaching journey.
I upload new tools, online courses, and templates to this page.
Wishing you good luck!

Social Media Marketing in 2023 eBook Workbook

Free for personal use only. No resale allowed

Editable Instagram Motivational Quotes

32 FREE ready to use posts for Instagram

My other White Label Books

Check it out on Etsy

Copy of 100+ ETSY Product Listing Templates (11).png

Facebook ad templates

To help you sell your eBook

Instagram Post templates

36 templates to help you sell your eBook

Business Building eBook and workbooks

To help in building your business (for personal use only. No resale rights!

How to create an online course from your eBook

5 simple steps guide on YouTube

How to sell your eBook and use it as a Lead Magnet

Marketing and sales tips on YouTube (22 mins)


For Personal use only! These have no resale rights!!!

Check out my FREE and paid online courses - on Udemy.

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