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Discover and HEAL the 5 CORE Childhood wounds

This book will help you during your healing journey by helping you identify your CORE wounds, so you can start accepting them and healing them, and by working on yourself, you start your SELF TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY.

This 24 pages ebook can help you whether you are interested in Twin Flames, Kundalini awakening, or want to become more self-aware. This short ebook and workbook are free to download (no email required) and are a part of a longer self-development book that can be purchased if you are interested in self-development. The more extended eBook is titled, Discover the Real You, and you can read about the 8 chapters below. It's at a very affordable 9 AUD price,

DISCOVER THE REAL YOU - 71 pages, 8 Chapters

Chapter 1: The 7 Pillars of Healthy Relationships.

The Pillar of Love

The Pillar of Honour

The Pilar of Self-control

The Pillar of Responsibility

The Pillar of Truth

The Pillar of Faith

The Pillar of Vision

The 7 Pillars of Healthy Relationships Workbook

Chapter 2: How to Be Yourself

How to be yourself 


Chapter 3: The Wheel of Life

Wheel of life workbooks

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting Workbook.

Chapter 4: Projecting Yourself

External Projection & Internal Reality

Chapter 5: Learning Your Triggers

Getting to know Your Shadow


Chapter 6: Healing the 5 Core Childhood wounds

Core wounds workbook






How to heal Your core wounds.

Chapter 7: Reconnect with Your Inner child

Heal Your 5 Core Childhood Wounds and Create a Growth Mindset

Chapter 8: Reconnect with Your Authenticity

Learning daily gratitude

Purchase the eBook
On SALE for 9 AUD
(about 5-6 USD)

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