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Relationship Coaching

   Start Working With a Professional Relationship Coach NOW and Change Your Life   

The Benefits of a Life and Relationship Coach


Change your overwhelm into a clear goal and VISION.


Improve Your MINDSET and self-beliefs to achieve that VISION.



The coach can help you stay motivated and committed to your VISION.  The coach keeps you accountable.

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Hello and a Warm Welcome

Are you tired of being in unhappy relationships?

My name is Rita Simon, and my goal is to help you gain self-awareness and create healthy boundaries to be in a happy and healthy relationship.

I have successfully healed from codependency by creating boundaries and understanding myself and others.

My passion is to help you and others in relationships.

I can genuinely and deeply understand your pain and inner conflicts.


I have gone through different therapies during my healing, and I also

studied attachment systems, interpersonal neurobiology, the trauma stored in the body, narcissism, and even Twin Flame connections. 

I am trained by Kain Ramsay, Dr. Dan Siegel, and Dr. Brian Weiss.

I am so excited to help You start living your life to the fullest.

I offer help to

- men

- women

- singles 

- people in a relationship

I can help You with


           Relationship Coaching is for You if

  • You are single and would like to be in a relationship

  • You are bouncing from an unhappy relationship to other unhappy relationships

  • You feel lonely in your relationship

  • You have been through a divorce or challenging breakup

  • You want to learn more about women/ men  psychology and the attachment types

  • You want to explore your values

  • You want to improve your social and relationship skills

  • You want to feel confident during dates

  • You want to learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries

  • You want to learn how a healthy relationship looks like

  • You want to learn self-love

  • You want to identify emotionally mature people

  • You want to learn about red flags

  • You want to heal from your childhood wounds that keep you attracted to unhealthy relationships

The Method

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Ready to Have a Fulfilling Relationship?


Coaching sessions are via Zoom or Skype from the comfort of your home

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Learn to Smile Again 

Being in abusive relationships can take a toll on us both emotionally and mentally.

We can stop believing that we could ever find someone who treats us with respect. We can lose hope. We can start seeing toxic people everywhere. We start blaming ourselves. We can become depressed and hopeless. We can become suicidal. I know all of these from personal experiences, not from textbooks. I know how it feels like your heart being ripped out and tossed aside like a piece of trash. I know how it feels to be like a doormat.

I know how it feels like to be used. So, I can assure you; I can deeply empathize with you.

I will also help you see your own shadow. This part isn't comfortable, but it's, unfortunately, necessary to heal. 

 Learn to value and love yourself. 

Learn to be yourself.

Learn to smile again..........


The process

Thinking Man on Couch


Identify the problem 



Identify your goal



Create a Solution and teaching You Skills

your action plan


Find out your attachment type. Identify the root cause of your childhood trauma, so you can stop the unhealthy patterns


Find out your personality type: get even more specific in your inner blocks and blindspots.


Find your self-limiting beliefs so we can break them 


Understanding other mindsets/personalities: getting a realistic self and worldview


Getting a very clear idea about your goal. Creating a bridge between where you are now and your goal.


Break down the inner blocks, and create new belief systems that can help you see the world from a very different perspective. Creating self-awareness




“I have bounced from one abusive and unhappy relationship to another in my whole life. Rita has helped me find the root cause of these awful cycles. I am finally in a happy relationship.”

— Zoe, 36


“I was always uncomfortable around the ladies. They were a mystery. I had issues with my confidence, and I slowly became a work alcoholic. I got to the point that I needed help. I was successful and yet miserable. I am so glad I looked for help.”

— William, 52

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Ready to Have a Fulfilling Relationship?


Coaching sessions are via Zoom or Skype from the comfort of your home

Free Relationship Resources

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