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Hello and a Warm Welcome

Thanks for purchasing this editable eBook workbook - Find Your Purpose and Passion Workbook.

I am sure it will help you immensely with your business.

You can edit this eBook with Canva for free. You can make 1 eBook and/or multiple small eBooks or checklists from it. 

It is a White Label Product.

This page has these sections:

- your ebook and certificate

-  video tutorial on how to access and edit it

-  20 editable Facebook ad templates to help you sell your eBook (FREE)

- 36 editable Instagram templates (FREE)

- business building eBook and workbooks (FREE)

- how to turn your eBook into an online course video tutorial (FREE)

- how to sell your eBook, and use it as a Lead Magnet to get more clients video tutorial (FREE)

-  PROMOTION: my other editable eBooks showcase - commercial use with certificate. 3-eBooks bundle to purchase.

- BONUS; eBooks and online courses for personal use only!

Please read below what you can and cannot do with this product.

What You Can and Cannot do

What You CAN Do With These Resources


  1. can add your logo branding and to them,

  2. claim them as your own, give them away,

  3. use them for your marketing

  4. use them with your clients

  5. sell them as branded products

  6. use them in webinars and workshops,

  7. edit and update them,

  8. package them with other resources

  9. can be sold at any price

  10. can be used for personal use

  11. can be added into paid membership websites

  12. can put your name on it

  13. can be offered as a bonus

  14. can be used to build a list

  15. can print/publish offline

  16. can productcan modify/change

  17. can modify/change the graphics and ecover

  18. can be given away for free

  19. can be added to free membership websites

What You CANNOT Do With These Resources


  1. cannot sell or giveaway the White Label Rights to others for them to use or sell,

  2. you cannot sell via Amazon Kindle (against Amazon Policies)

  3. you cannot sell them via eBay or other similar sites.

How to access and edit Your eBook on Canva

1. Open the Canva template with the link next to the picture of the eBook
2. It takes you to Canva - open template (free to open)
3. Change colours, text, pictures etc. 
4. The eBook has pictures already that you are free to change. If you see a watermark on the pictures, it is because you are using the free version of Canva, and the picture included is PRO. 
5. In the template you will find websites listed with free pictures to download. Canva also has hundreds of thousands of free pictures.
6. DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK: on the top right corner go on DOWNLOAD: select only the pages you want to be in the eBook - select PDF. 
7 WARNING: select the page number you can see on the top of the page generated by Canva. Do not select page numbers you see in the eBook (on the page right button corner) - Canva cannot read those

VIDEO TUTORIAL:  video on YouTube where I explain how to access and edit your eBook (about 10 mins): link here

Click on the link/ text you wish to access

Find Your Purpose WORKBOOK Letter size.png

PROMOTION:  Check out my other editable eBooks

For commercial use - free to Edit on Canva. White Label Product

Editable eBook Bundle
3 eBooks - 205 pages

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Relationship 101 editable eBook
64 pages

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Copy of Life Coach Facebook Links (2000 x 628 px) (570 x 456 px) (57).png

Marketing and Business Tools

To help you sell your eBook

Instagram Post templates

36 templates to help you sell your eBook

Business Building eBook and workbooks

To help in building your business (for personal use only. No resale rights!

How to create an online course from your eBook

5 simple steps guide on YouTube

How to sell your eBook and use it as a Lead Magnet

Marketing and sales tips on YouTube (22 mins)


For Personal use only! These have no resale rights!!!

Check out my FREE and paid online courses - on Udemy.

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