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Career and Entrepreneurship Coaching

Many people are looking for a career change or development or even start their own business. It has many pitfalls on the way and having someone to give guidance is essential. Understanding yourself and overcoming your own self-limiting beliefs are necessary for your growth.

Your mindset helps you overcome obstacles and fear, and the vitally important tools help you move towards your goal.


Having great communication skills and emotional maturity can help you get a better job, feel more fulfilled, make more sales, and get promotions in your field. Becoming clear about your goals and roadblocks is essential to create a bridge in between. 

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The current situation all over our Planet made many people realize how important it is to be flexible and even have an online presence. Setting up an online business can give You the opportunity to work from any part of the World. Setting up a business requires many things and the right order. I follow the "The Lean Startup" method that helps you test and validate your idea with the smallest budget possible.

I have an MBA specialized in Entrepreneurship.

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"Your will is the most accurate way to predict the future" - Elon Musk

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