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My sessions are available in the European timezone via Zoom or Skype.

A Holistic Approach to Integrate Your Mind and Heart

I specialize in Self-Awareness and Self-Transformation.

Transform Your Life with Small Steps

 Identify and Break Your Self-limiting Beliefs

Heal Your Inner Child

Find Your Strengths and Passion

Create New Empowering Beliefs 

I offer 1- on -1 online coaching sessions from the comfort of your home. 

Let's work together.

The Benefits of a Life Coach


Change your overwhelm into a clear goal and VISION.


Improve Your MINDSET and self-beliefs to achieve that VISION.



The coach can help you stay motivated and committed to your VISION.  The coach keeps you accountable.

What is life coaching?

It is a valid path to self-improvement which focuses people on achieving their goals, overcoming obstacles, and confronting the responsibility they need to take in their own lives. 
Coaching is the best way to take You from where You are now to where You want to be.

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 I can help You with

Stressed Woman

Self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, performance and blocks to success

Woman on Window Sill

Negative emotions, depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, jealousy

Thinking Man on Couch

Self-esteem and self-worth problems

My services

Solutions For You

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Self-Development - Cognition Focused like CBT

 1. Identify the blocks that hold YOU back and learn to overcome them

2. Overcome fear of change, rejection, and failure so YOU can feel confident going for YOUR dream

3.  Develop self-mastery by reprogramming limiting beliefs

4.   Develop a growth mindset and a realistic world-view

5.  Get absolutely clear about what YOU REALLY want and who YOU REALLY are so YOU can stop living everyone else’s dreams

Red love heart on hearts

Self-Development- Subconscious Focused 

1. Learn to access Your deep unconscious and discover Your long-lost desires pushed away by parents and/or society (visualization and light/soft hypnosis techniques)

2.  Understand Your self-limiting beliefs, learn to overcome them, and create new beliefs that match Your life purpose, and make You feel fulfilled and whole.

3.  Learn to integrate YOUR heart and mind

4. IKIGAI method

In Love

1-on-1 Relationship Focused

1. Find out YOUR attachment style 

2. Find out YOUR blindspots

3. Understand other attachment styles and gain an objective view about relationships

4. Learn to create and keep healthy boundaries

5. Narcissist-empath dynamics

6. Understanding healthy intimacy 

break old patterns.jpg

Self-development in the World of Business

1. Understand your strengths and blindspots

2. Create a growth mindset and a realistic world-view

3. Discover and overcome YOUR self-limiting beliefs

4. Learn soft skills and resilience - THE MOST SOUGHT-AFTER SKILLS 


Coaching sessions will be available from:
the end of July/2022

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"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines that are practiced every day." - Jim Rohn

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