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Boost your confidence through tailored services, including crafting a polished resume, interview preparation, English language practice, or comprehensive life coaching.

My services

Profile Building

- Professional Resume

- Outstanding LinkedIn Profile

- Ccover letter


- English Communication

- Job Interview Preparation

- Life Coaching

- Small Business Coaching


- Job searching tips

Language jobs

- Customer Support jobs

- Remote jobs

How can coaching help you?

It is a valid path to self-improvement that focuses people on achieving their goals, overcoming obstacles, and confronting the responsibility they need to take in their own lives. 
Coaching is the best way to take You from where You are now to where You want to be.

The Benefits of a Life Coach: 

Change your overwhelm into a clear goal and VISION.
Improve Your MINDSET and self-beliefs to achieve that VISION.
Assurance: The coach can help you stay motivated and committed to your VISION.  The coach keeps you accountable

Would you like more opportunities in life?

For 15 years, I have been living abroad, and my goal is not only to teach you English but also to mentally prepare you for change, help you overcome anxieties and fears, so you can communicate confidently and make changes in your life.

With resume optimization and interview preparation coaching, you can confidently apply for your dream job.



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about me

Rita Simon


Whatsapp message:

+36/70-6766-870  - message only in Hungarian or in English


Bulgaria, Bansko


- BA in Accounting and Business Management

- MBA with specialization in Entrepreneurship

- TELF: Teach English as a Foreign Language

- various life coaching qualifications including NLP


Hello Hello

Hello, I'm Rita, and I've been living abroad since 2008, experiencing life in four different countries.

In Ireland, I spent nearly three years. I lived briefly in London before making Sydney, Australia, my home for over ten years.

Throughout my journey, I've explored diverse job roles including babysitter, receptionist, waiter, teacher, accountant, and even business management. Continual learning has been a constant in my life. I understand the challenges many individuals face when asking themselves, "What should I do now?"

Over time, I've discovered what truly matters to me - the desire to work from home and reside in a serene environment surrounded by nature, rather than the confines of a concrete jungle.

Currently, I am employed in Bulgaria as a telephone customer service representative in a reputable American BPO company. However, my aspiration is to progress within the company's corporate hierarchy.

Besides my main job, I also engage in online English language teaching, resume writing, and coaching. These additional roles allow me to support individuals who want to make impactful changes in their lives but are uncertain about where to begin.

From my observations, I have come to recognize that the English language plays a critical role not only in the business world but in every aspect of life if we aim for success. Therefore, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge, gained through life experiences and formal education, through various mediums such as courses, ebooks, workshops, and online teaching. My primary goal is to help a wide range of individuals harness the power of language to boost their self-confidence and advance their careers.

I can help you with

Curriculum Vitae

Tailored Resume Writing

Resume writing holds immense significance not just in your professional life but also as a vital element of your job search strategy. As a result, it is crucial for your resume to not only showcase your personality but also align with the expectations of the industry and position you are targeting. If you have been tackling this endeavor alone thus far, it is now time for us to collaborate and tackle it together.

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LinkedIn Profile Creation 

LinkedIn is currently one of the most crucial tools for job seekers. That's why it's necessary to have a perfectly structured and optimized LinkedIn profile that includes relevant keywords and presents you in the best light while maintaining authenticity..

Job Interview

Interview Coaching

Are you seeking a job and looking to perform with confidence during interviews? I can provide assistance by sharing operative job search strategies and effective communication techniques to ensure your responses to employer questions are precisely what they're looking for. Together, we can delve into what to expect during interviews, emphasizing how to communicate effectively and showcase your unique skills and experiences positively.

Curriculum Vitae

Life Coaching 

It's a common challenge for people to struggle with low self-esteem, which can lead to a lack of fulfillment and fear of pursuing career aspirations or moving to another country. My objective is to help you identify these internal obstacles, remove them, and provide practical guidelines to help you achieve success and satisfaction in life.


English teaching

I specialize in enhancing English speaking skills, particularly for customer service roles in large BPO companies. My goal is to help individuals confidently express themselves by incorporating informal English expressions. With experience teaching over 4000 students, I focus on developing communication skills for conversations abroad, job interviews, and online sales. I also offer insights into Western and Eastern cultures and assist with major life transitions.

I have been teaching for several years now, and I currently offer online lessons via Google Meet, allowing you to learn comfortably from home, even in your pajamas under a cozy blanket.

Throughout our lessons, I place emphasis on authentic language usage, allowing you to acquire speech patterns and vocabulary that native English speakers use in their daily lives.

Authentic language usage, situational role-plays, and targeted focus ensure thorough preparation for interviews, rentals, and workplace jargon.

check out my online courses
and self-help workbooks

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"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines that are practiced every day." - Jim Rohn

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